A Day Out At Haskins Garden Centres In The South Of England

Darlac has added to its network of retail outlets with two new Haskins garden centres in 2022. We take great care to welcome new retailers on board, and one of the first packages of support we offer is a visit in store by our Technical Lead, Damian McEvoy, who spent time at Haskins Roundstone in West Sussex, and Haskins West End in Southampton. Read on to find out more about his visit, in his own words.

“Arriving at Haskins Roundstone I was impressed by the sheer size of the place, I remember looking after them in my old life as a sales rep when it was a converted nursery, and way before the staff had those little headsets to communicate with each other! How the industry has changed.

Haskins is a new retail outlet for Darlac and so I was sent in to speak with the sales team in store and introduce them to the Darlac range and workshop with the team to help them get to know the products better. I met with 3 staff members, which was great, so nice and easy to get everyone in front of the display. Like everything in the Haskins network of stores, the housekeeping is impeccable, the shop floor is neat and tidy making it appealing for customers to shop there.

As always, I started by asking if we had any gardeners among us, it’s so helpful if there are because very often they can add to the whole session with their experience and knowledge. We did have someone in the team, and it turned out that he actually has owns quite a few Darlac tools too! This helped set the scene and we spent a productive hour going through everyone’s questions.

What I love about being in store are the chance encounters with customers and staff whilst I am there. Sure enough, as I was signing out to leave, the lady on reception recognized the brand and mentioned that many of the products are great for customers requiring lightweight and easy to use tools. I love it when I hear people talking so enthusiastically about our products!

My next stop was Haskins West End in Southampton. Upon arrival as I was signing in, I was told that a customer had just phoned the store to ask if they stocked Darlac’s scarifier tool. Although they don’t… yet… it’s a good idea to educate customers and staff that they can order Darlac tools from us into local stores for inspection and pick up which is a service that not very many people know about.

I met with a group of 5 for this session including a professional gardener, which allowed us an opportunity to discuss techniques and share information. One of the subjects that came up as an important topic of conversation was the cleaning, oiling and sharpening of tools to extend their life. This led to a discussion about the need for focus on sustainability – something that Darlac takes very seriously, and proved good food for thought for me to take away with me.

Antony Gould accompanied me on this day out. He’s the local area agent for Darlac and so it was great to be able to connect with him too, and share some knowledge he has from time spent out on the road.

All-in-all another great day spent helping spread knowledge amongst our colleagues in the trade.”

At Darlac, we pride ourselves on being Cutting Tools Experts, and we care about the post-sales support we offer all of our retailers. If you would like some training support, then get in touch with your area sales agent in the first instance.

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