Welcome To Darlac

Although majoring in cutting tools, Darlac offer one of the most diverse ranges of garden tools and equipment available from one Independent UK source.
Many highly respected popular gardening publication’s writers and testers continue to award Darlac “Best Buy” “Best Value for Money” and 5* ratings.
Thank you for the courteous way you dealt with my query and for the extremely prompt delivery
J.C. Service
A great, very well made product. Highly recommended
D.W.W DP583 Swop Top Geared Tree Pruner
Wow! These snips do a fantastic job – comfortable to use too
R.J. DP42 Compact Snips
Got these yeas ago, best garden secateurs ever!
J.B. DP744 Super Classic Ratchet Pruner
A brilliant ool, well engineered and good value for money”
J.C. DP110TA Telescopic Adjustable Snapper
We really appreciate the excellent customer service and efficiency, which is seldom commonplace in this day and age.
J & S F. Service
A top class sprayer – a very easy piece of equipment to use with minimum hand strength required
R.T DW355 Multi Pattern Spray Gun
As a garden contractor the beauty of this product is in the virtually indestructible paddles, very light to use
A.W.P DP556 Grab-n-lift
This is a super good “Darlac” – watertight with just hand fasetning. Don’t be put off by the price, they are just great!
D.G.T DW201P Two Way Manifold
Probably the best money I ever spent on gardening hardware!
R.M. DP544 5 in 1 Trowel